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Please find below the list of abstracts of papers from the infraR&D 2017.


Problems with using wind and load correction in electrical thermography

Bob BerryDownload abstract (PDF)

Thermal growth phenomena in low-voltage electrical installations

Tiberiu ChiritaDownload abstract (PDF)

Moist air and wet walls in buildings: mass transfer, psychrometrics, basic calculations, and detection

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Feuerriegel Download abstract (PDF)

Infrared technology application in building enclosures: applications, ASTM standards, and limitations

Christopher N. Grey, P.E.Download abstract (PDF)

Influence of UAV’s flight on infrared measurements

Leen Lauriks, Sebastian Roemendael, Gunther Steenackers Download abstract (PDF)

Assessing errors in tank levels and other physical measurements using FLIR Tools and ResearchIR

Ronald D. Lucier, ASNT NDT Level IIIDownload abstract (PDF)

Complementary method using thermal imaging to black-globe thermometer methods in the estimation of heat stress on a worker in industrial processes with time durations shorter than the typical response time of the instrumentation

Jovan MiočinovićDownload abstract (PDF)

Applications of thermography for historic buildings in the UK

Soki Rhee-Duverne, Caroline CattiniDownload abstract (PDF)

Procedure for the estimation of the thermal conductivity of samples with infrared thermography

Rafael Royo Pastor, Mar CañadaDownload abstract (PDF)

Natural gas leak detection and quantification in the gas industry

František Šucha, Ľuboš SolinDownload abstract (PDF)

Thermography unveiling hidden hot spots on transformers

Bojan TezakDownload abstract (PDF)

Infrared thermography in semiconductor reliability testing

Frans Voogt, Stan Tielens, Frank van Lieshout, Andrzej GrzegorczykDownload abstract (PDF)

Quantification of energy losses and characterization of connectors’ effective contact area by infrared thermography

Dr. Pablo Rodrigues MunizDownlaod abstract (PDF)

Service life evaluation of PVC insulated low voltage electrical cables by thermographic inspection

Dr. Pablo Rodrigues MunizDownlaod abstract (PDF)

Infrared Thermography as an Inspection and Maintenance Technique in Industry

Erandy Flores Guevara, Attílio Bruno VerattiDownlaod abstract (PDF)

Adding Another Dimension to Thermography

Harry AtkinsonDownlaod abstract (PDF)

Diagnosis of the envelope of an attic dwelling using IR thermography as a complement in the Buildings Energy Efficiency Certification

Maria C. Garcia de ViedmaDownlaod abstract (PDF)

Study of Social Housing Buildings for LIFE ENV/ES 439 project, using IR thermography

Maria C. Garcia de Viedma & M. BarberoDownlaod abstract (PDF)