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Using UAVs for thermal inspections, D. Sällstedt, Sweden

UAVs elevate thermography! Learn about the importance of pre-flight preparations for successful flying missions and data-collection, and fly a UAV equipped with FLIR sensors assisted by experienced pilots.
You need to bring: curiosity and a coat.

Surface area calculation with the FLIR thermal cameras T5xx and Ex5, R. Rinaldi, Italy

FLIR Systems latest camera models offer a distance measurement function. In this workshop, you will learn how to take advantage from it and how it can be applied in the field to determine the physical size of your objects or deterioration.
You need to bring: a laptop with FLIR Tools+ (or FLIR Reporter or FLIR Report Studio).

Stereo photography principles applied to thermal images, H. Atkinson, UK

Add the 3d dimension to thermal images. In this workshop, you will learn to capture matching pairs of thermal images and then use them to create 3D thermal images.
You need to bring: a laptop with the freeware “Stereo Photo Maker” installed, download here

Optical gas detection, S. Beynon, UK

Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) helps to protect the environment, prevent serious incidents, and to lower production costs. In this workshop, you will use a FLIR GF camera to detect “real laboratory” leaks. Skilled trainers will explain you the functionality and give hints for the best set-up of the system considering real life environmental conditions.
You need to bring: nothing but interest

FLIR Tools+ and FLIR Report Studio, T. Razavian, Sweden

FLIR Report Studio is a new Microsoft Word add-in and Wizard for creating Word reports and templates. This replaces the add-in used for Tools+ 5.x. In this workshop, you will learn how to create reports and customized templates. Plus, you will have the opportunity to ask questions to our product experts.
You need to bring: a laptop with FLIR Report Studio installed.FLIR Tools+ users can upgrade without cost. For more information please click here

Moist Air: Thermodynamic Calculations with Excel and VBA, U. Feuerriegel, Germany

Detecting moisture in buildings is a well-known application for IR. This workshop will give you the possibility to calculate what you see with your thermal camera (or not) and to understand the physics behind the phenomena.
You need to bring: a laptop with Microsoft Office Excel (Version 2010 or higher) and with the special Add-in file we will provide you with and some interest for simple Thermodynamics. The workshop requires the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) component to be installed with Microsoft Office.

Thermal inspections through meshes and windows, J. Willis, UK

In the industry, what the thermographer wants to measure is often hidden by means of protection. In this workshop, you will learn how to correctly measure temperature through IR windows and how to make realistic estimations through meshes. You will also get familiar with the “apparent transmissivity”.
You need to bring: an open mind.